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A new year always comes with the opportunity to initiate changes. But what if we didn't have calendar years? What if we counted days instead of years? Then with the turn of the year we would be at about day 738 030 since the beginning of our era. New Year's resolutions would be dropped. Magazines would no longer have December and January front pages with the motivating titles: "How to finally lose your kilos in the New Year!" or «definitely quit smoking!» or also nice: "How do you find your love for life in the New Year." and very useful: "How do I become a millionaire - five steps!" and then my personal favorite: “How do I really implement my New Year's resolutions!”. And even if most resolutions do not last long into the New Year, there is still something nice about dealing with what we would like to change, what we possibly could change. To finish with the past and to create space for the new, that is so easy to say and is often so much more challenging to implement. Especially when it is supposed to be sustainable. Maybe it would be easier to change things for a day without the pressure of the New Year? "Today I eat healthy.", "Today I do sport.", "Today I stick to my 30 minutes screen time." - I don't know about you, but for me anything that I plan to do for longer than 1 week is doomed to fail in advance. Somehow my discipline - or my memory - is not good enough for that.

2021 was an exciting year for our small family. When Roxy was born in March, Lio not only got a little sister and playmate, but I and Evgeni also got a new alarm clock ... I have been working in the practice again since October, both in Zurich and in Biel. I will certainly continue the online sessions after Corona (whenever that is ...), as they allow a lot of flexibility.

I would like to thank you very much for the past or ongoing cooperation and I wish you good health and satisfaction for the next few days, weeks and months.

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