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Systemic couples therapy

"You  and  I  - we are  one . I can't hurt you without myself  hurt"

Mahatma Gandhi

Living relationships can be challenging. And sometimes it helps to have a neutral person at the table during emotionally charged conversations.  Michelle Obama descriped wonderfully the start of her marriage counseling:   "Mr. X, please tell my husband what he should do better now, how he can fix himself." She quickly learned that there isn't ONE culprit, but that a relationship is work. Work that you have to tackle together. 

That stands in our way

  • Communication problems

  • Separation intentions

  • Sexual problems

  • We can't talk anymore!

  • We're just fighting!

  • jealousy

  • Patchwork family constellation

  • Nothing connects us anymore

  • I don't feel understood

  • The other person never listens to me  

  • Conversations always get the same emotional

  • I feel like I'm talking to a block of ice

  • Fling  

  • mistrust

We want to go there

  • Being able to talk about problems

  • Finding solutions together

  • To be heard and seen by the other person

  • A fulfilling sex life  

  • A peaceful separation

  • To be able to forgive mistakes

  • build up trust

  • Preparation for wedding

  • Discuss unfulfilled desire to have children

  • Coping with Patchwork Family structure

  • Accept ex-partners

  • Implement common plans for the future

  • Pulling in the same direction when it comes to education


Online therapy  CHF 160

Help by email  CHF 50

Therapy in practice  CHF 200

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