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Mental training for athletes,

Advice in life crises, achieving goals in life

Promote mental strength

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Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, mental training will help you to do your sport to the fullest satisfaction!

Goal setting is not only important in sports. In normal everyday life, too, it helps to know where you want to go. But even when I know what my goals are, it is difficult to develop new habits and permanently getting rid of the old ones. Visualization, hypnotherapy, and goal setting are some of the methods that are used to help achieving these goals. 

Coaching is also helpful if you are in a current crisis and would like a neutral Person to discuss the topics with. 


As a compassionate and experienced therapist, I can help you learn to cope with your symptoms. In the course of the therapy, you will develop various coping strategies on how to deal with the negative thoughts and find your way back to an active and happy life. I have no expectation of change unless you are ready. Together we define your goal(s) and your expectations of the therapy. With a systemic, solution-oriented approach, I focus on supporting you to look forward and to create room for action in order to move away from ruminating about problems and toward focusing on solutions.

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My private experience with depression and burnout

At the age of 30 I had a stroke. I was lucky, really lucky. And I had the best helpers you can imagine. My former students. And yet, in the months after the stroke, I learned painfully what it means when the rug is literally pulled out from under your feet. As an extremely energetic and happy person, these were completely new feelings for me. This experience shaped me and significantly influenced my decision to work as a psychotherapist. 

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"Strength does not come from the body. It comes from an irrepressible will."

Mahatma Gandhi


Are you familiar with thoughts such as "It works in training, but I can't get it right in the competition" or "It's not progressing, I've been standing there for months"? Studies show that not only the body needs training. At least as important as practicing the physical processes is training the mental thoughts.


I use goal setting, thought rephrasing, visualization, hypnosis and other exercises to help you on your way to optimal concentration and your best performance.  

The coaching is individually tailored to you. Your challenges become mine too. I also like to work with video analyzes to be as close as possible to what is happening. 



Crossing Finishline Sport

Mental training must be practiced. Imagination is just one of the points. It is just as important to learn to deal with defeats or to go back to training without fear and motivated after injuries.  

Challenging yourself during training without overtaxing body and mind, finding a perfect balance - that can be learned.  


And never to forget: Besides sport, we have a life. This can have a positive or negative impact on our performance. Discussing these external factors is part of good mental training.  

What customers say

International professional athlete, 22

"Sometimes I could not see the wood for the trees. With Rachels help I learned  to cope with difficult situations. I know what I am capable of and what I can achieve. She gave me energy, was empathic, funny and the fact she was herself an athlete is a perfect combination for me."


Secure your first session! If you are unsure, you are welcome to have a free preliminary talk. 


Gerne helfe ich Dir auf deinem Weg ans Ziel! Lass mir eine Nachricht und ich melde mich in Kürze!

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