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depression self help

Can't I get out of there myself? One of the most common questions people ask themselves before seeking outside help. Of course there are ways and possibilities, even very efficient ones:  Meditation, exercise, a supportive social environment, etc BUT: Getting help isn't a bad thing. When I break a bone, it also grows back together. Still, we find it helpful to get a cast. You can also seek help for psychological problems and strive for the best possible healing. 

Do I have postpartum depression

Frequently Asked Questions

Help my husband is depressed

Depression is stigmatized. In men even more than in women. It is associated with weakness and failure. Encourage your partner to seek professional help. As much as you want to support him, it can be extremely stressful for a partnership and it is important that you stay strong. Support yes, definitely encourage. Work to get through this difficult time together. 

Who bears the costs for the therapy?

medication for depression

What we know to this day: In the case of depression, there is an imbalance in the neurotransmitters in the brain. Above all, a lack of serotonin can be detected. That's where the drugs work. BUT: Not every depression needs to be treated with an antidepressant. Especially with mild and moderate depression, very good results can be achieved with professional psychotherapy and, if necessary, supplemented with an exercise program and/or nutrition program. Should medication be necessary, I have a network of psychiatrists who can arrange a prescription. 

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